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Get rid of the unwanted hair and get a very pleasant, natural scent.

The most popular way to get rid of unwanted hair!  The depilatory wax leaves no residues or weird rush on the skin and it has a very pleasant, natural scent.

To boost the results of waxing, do not forget to ask for our special after-waxing cream which slows down the hair growth.

Waxing Sessions Prices:

Brow shape10.00 €|Full leg30.00 €
Lip8.00 €|Waist8.00 €
Chin8.00 €|Half leg15.00 €
Armpit10.00 €|Half arm10.00 €
Full face20.00 €|Full arm20.00 €
Bikini15.00 €|Back25.00 €
Brazil25.00 €|Belly8.00 €
Hollywood30.00 €|Full leg & Hollywood50.00 €

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